This World's For Everyone / The Korgis

This World's For Everyone (1992) / The Korgis / CD (ALCB-671)

This World's For Everyone
Hold On
Work Together
Show Me
Who Are These Tears For Anyway
No Love In The World
One Life
Love Turned Me Around
Wreckage Of A Broken Heart
All The Love In The World
Third Time Around
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
Andy Davis - keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
John Baker - vocals, guitars, keyboards
James Warren - vocals, guitars, bass guitar

レコーディングしたスタジオのひとつがTerra Incognita(エンジニアリングとコンパイルとマスタリングがDavid Lord)だとか、Andy Davisのソロアルバム『Clevedon Pier』の「Hunger」をJohn Bakerのヴォーカルで再録とかまあいろいろあるのだけど、新録の「Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime」(ヴァイオリンソロもSGが録り直している)を聴けるのが一番かな。

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