Life By The Scenic Route / Keith Warmington

・Life By The Scenic Route (2001) / Keith Warmington / CD (BAGS 1)

It's Not Easy
The Speed of The Sound of Loneliness(John Prine)
Scary Encounters of the Emotional Kind
Driving Wheel(David Whiffen)
What's Going On
I Can't Go
Evening Song
Train Blues
Keith Warmington - Acoustic guitar, vocals and harmonica
Stuart Gordon - Violin & string instruments, backing vocals & inspiration
Kit Morgan - Electric guitar & Spanish guitar
Rick Payne - Slide Guitar
Andy Hay - Mandocello & backing vocals
Tricia Warmington & Steve Webb - Backing vocals
Andy Sheppard - Soprano & Tenor saxes

Engineered by John Waterhouse
Produced by Stuart Gordon

BBCブリストルのプレゼンターもつとめるKeith Warmingtonのソロアルバム。Steve Tilstonのアルバムにハーモニカで参加したこともある彼、アルバムのラスト"Train Bluesでその腕前を堪能できる。

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