Becki diGregorio "Seven Worthies ... of the Bamboo Grove"

f0134076_2148521.jpg・Becki diGregorio
"Seven Worthies ... of the Bamboo Grove" CD (1996)
run amuck records (rar001)

1. Desparate to Fall
2. Secrets
3. When You Get Home
4. Inside the Dream
5. Godbox
6. On the Edges Now
7. Among Us
8. One in Ten
9. Open My Eyes (Todd Rundgren)
10. The Days of Our Ascent

Dave Gregory
acoustic guitar, electric solo on 4
tortured guitar solo on 5
numerous keyboards on 8

produced by Becki diGregorio

Seven Worthies of the Bamboo Grove (またはSeven Sages of the Bamboo Grove )とは「竹林の七賢」のこと。Becki diGregorio1996年のデビューアルバム。
Dave Gregoryが3曲にギター、キーボードで参加、彼のパートのエンジニアをつとめたのはAndy Partridge。

セカンドアルバム "God's Empty Chair" では、Andy Partridgeが彼自身の未発表デモをBekciのために完成させたサイケデリックな(Dukes of Stratosphearのような) "Susan Revolving"が圧巻。
i've been blessed to have xtc's guitarist dave gregory play on a number of the songs, and on my first cd ("seven worthies...") andy engineered dave's parts in his "shed." andy also finished his sketch for the song "susan revolving" for us to do.


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