Martin Newell "A Summer Tamarind"

f0134076_17163376.jpg・Martin Newell "A Summer Tamarind"
This album is dedicated to the memory of Syd Barrett.

1. Another Sunny Day
2. St Audrey's Fair
3. Mulberry Harbour
4. This Flamingo
5. Wow Look At That Old Man
6. Stella And Charlie Got Married
7. You Made It Rain
8. Summer Tamarind
9. Golden Afternoon
10. Cinnamon Blonde
11. Dawn Smile
All vocals and most guitars by Martin Newell.
Extra guitar by Carl Seager on tracks 1,2, and 9.
Basses by Carl Seager except tracks 3 and 6, which were Martin.
All drums by Carl and yes, it's a real kit.
Sundry electric organs and percussion by Martin.
No jazz chords were hurt in the making of this album.

Carl Seagerは、Martin Newellが1973年からヴォーカルをつとめたコルチェスターのグラムロックバンドThe Mighty Plod結成当時のギタリスト(のちPaul Hartと交代するためNewell在籍時とは重ならない)。

鍬をギターに持ち替えたサイケデリック・ガーデナーNewellの立ち姿を写したジャケット。Newellの十八番Mulberry HarbourにStella and Charlie Got Married、 おとぼけドゥーワップのWow! Look at That Old Man、 気のおけない女友達との楽しいお茶の時間が目に浮かぶA Summer Tamarind 。
深い喪失感の漂うYou Made It RainはSyd Barrettへの追悼か。

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